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Mondo Diablo Episode 338: Oxycodone Drug Dream

January 25, 2012

Back from the hospital and still on drugs. This is what I have managed to share with you in my haze.


Hanna Barbera Underscore
After Your Local News
The Bran Flakes * Oddio Overplay
The Homosexual will have to wear diapers
Azalia Banks * 212 Foot Lazy Jay
Norel Pref * Agree All Day Long
The Flintstones Underscore
Norel Pref * Ain’t That a Pitch
Gay Homophobe
norelpref * all Ass Backwards
Escape Mechanism * Smoke Screen
Mr. F. Le Mur * Eat More Pussy
The Jetsons Underscore
Le Mur * Order Now # 1
The Rudy Schwarz Project * Bagpipe Benny
norelPref * All Washed Up
CRASS * Reality Asylum
norelPref * Aloha Allah
Beatles * Walrus Confusion
cindy Jacobs Fed 3,000
The ECC * The Shakes
order now #2
Flavia and the Motonets * Acoiris
CNN atheists
Margie Nelson * Runnin’ Away
Harry Jackson and Cindy Jacobs
Souxsie and The Banshees * Helter Skelter
norel Pref * AndUh
The Blow Pops * The Ghost in You
Spacetime Forecast #3
Polly Jean Harvey * Zaz Turned Blue
Alleee 2



Mondo Diablo Episode 231: A Very Edgar Christmas

December 20, 2009

Playwright Edgar Oliver just did a bit for The Moth called The Apron Strings of Savannah. He’s my new temporary Personal Savior, making him just Christmassy enough, and very, very Xistlesslistlessnessmassy.


Edgar Christmas 1
Alleee 1
Kiki & Herb * Fox in the Snow
Wade Denning * Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Edgar Christmas 2
The Klezmonauts * Good King Wenceslaus
Danger Woman * Sleigh Ride
Edgar Christmas 3
Ken Griffin * Kringle’s Jingle
Les Poppys * September Noir Noel Blanc
Edgar Christmas 4
Melachrino Strings * Jingle Bells
Peter Wood Singers and Orchestra * Hail Christmas
Edgar Christmas 5
Monterey Brass * Mama’s Santa Surprise
Jada With the Vice Squad * Jada’s Christmas Song
Edgar Christmas 6
Royale Concert Orchestra * March of the Toys
Singing Mariners * Holly Holy
Edgar Christmas 7
St. Phillips Boys Choir * Walking in the Air
A Plus D * Give Da Jew Girl Toys
Edgar Christmas 8
Steve Tung * Winter Ride
Big Balls of Holly * Bhangra Jingle Bells
Edgar Christmas 9
The Bob Crewe Generation * Winter Warm
The Leroy Holmes Singers * Be Mine Tonight
Edgar Christmas 10
Vince Guaraldi Trio * Skating
Alleee 2


Episode 134: The Truth Wins Out: Ex Gay Crapola

May 30, 2008

The Truth Wins Out


Alan Chambers on Montel 1
Alleee 1
Armando Trovajoli * Let’s Find Out
But I’m a Cheerleader! 1
The Boardwalkers * Banzai Pipeline
Francis Lai and his Orchester * Marseilles Generique
Exodus International 1
Peter Convent Band * Spinning Wheel
Luis E Bacalov * To the Barren Moor
Love Won Out Conference Bullshit 1
Robert Delgado und sein Orchester * Grazin’ In the Grass
Harry Betts * Wonderful Women’s World
Alan Chambers on Montel 2
Je Ross Symposium * Venus
Pierro Piccioni * Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
But I’m a Cheerleader 2
Roger Bourdin * Binic-Stac
Vocomotion * Money
Exodus International 2
Alan Hawkshaw * Convenience Shopping
Heino * Ich Mochte Dich So Gerne Sagen
Love Won Out Conference Bullshit 2
Lord Sitar * I Can See For Miles
Victoria’s Testimony 1
Johnny Scott * Roses Today
Serendipity Singers * Love is a State of Mind
Victoria’s Testimony 2
Buddy Cole * Powerhouse
The DeFranco Family * Heartbeat It’s a Love Beat
Alan Chambers on Montel 3
Alleee 2