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Mondo Diablo Episode 378: Grüss Von Krampus

December 19, 2013

This week we have Krampus from You Tube and American Dad. Also, there’s more remixed Christmas tunes for your pleasure, and Krampus laments the fallout from the American popularization of her kind.


A Krampus Story-Austria
Matt and Trey Parker * Dead, Dead, Dead
What is the Time
Kay Brown * Daddy, is Santa Really Six Foot Four
A Krampus Karol
Les Poppys * September Noir December Blanc
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Raymond Scott Quintette * Christmas Night in Harlem
Christmas with the Krampus
Al Bowly and his Orchestra * Ev’ry Day’s a Holiday
A Right Smart Holiday
Bernie Cummins and his Orchestra * I Told Santa Claus to Bring Me You
American Dad Krampus 1
Bobby Helms * Captain Santa and His Reindeer Space Patrol
Merry Christmas
Crass * Merry Crassmas Part 2
American Dad Krampus 2
Crudbump : Fuck You if you Don’t Like Christmas
It’s Christmas
Go Home Productions * Carpenter’s Christmas
American Dad Krampus 3
The Kinsey Sicks * I’m Dreaming of a White Santa
The Nicest Things are Happening
June Christy * The Merriest (Thunderball Mix)
American Dad Krampus 4
Jan Garber and his Orchestra * Frosty the Snowman
Special Announcement
Kingofpants * alalafalalahasselhoff
American Dad Krampus 5
Larry Nestor * Santa Doesn’t Smoke Anymore
Have a Wonderful Day
Rhythm scholar kringlekut remix * Wonderful Christmastime
Krampus Uncovered


Mondo Diablo Episode 334: A Christmas History Timeline

December 10, 2011

This week I read a list of solstice and Christmas events in history, starting with the Newgrange around 2500 BCE: this is apparently not that far from Noah’s Flood, which was in 2304 BC, according to Ken Ham. Considering Stonehenge was supposed to have started around 2800 BCE and added to for another thousand years is quite curious indeed. Seems that Noah’s immediate family must have made their way there quickly and found it intact, so they immediately adopted or redesigned Druidic customs. Meanwhile, a couple more of the Noah family hurried to assume the Xia dynasty in China. They must have gotten to work on making babies rather quickly! It’s a good thing they brought the pandas with them.


Christmas Timeline 1
Alleee 1
Sy Mann * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
The Lennon Sisters * Peppy the Peppermint Bear
Christmas Timeline 2
The Henry Hadaway Orchestra and Chorus
The Ray Conniff Singers * The Twelve Days of Christmas
Christmas Timeline 3
Lounge Magic * Fiesta Cha-Cha
Line Material * The Magic of Christmas
Christmas Timeline 4
Waldo de los Rios * O Tannenbaum
The Swingle Singers * We Three Kings of Orient Are
Christmas Timeline 5
Eddie Dunstetder * Happy Holiday
Albert the Alley Cat * Santa’s Helper

Christmas Timeline 6
Arcanasphere * Ring Christmas Bells
The Cricketones * Little Christmas Stocking with the Hole in the Toe
Christmas Timeline 7
Arogalla Remixes * Marry Christmas
Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra * Gin for Christmas
Christmas Timeline 8
Maim Christmas
Lucas * Deck the Halls
Christmas Timeline 9
Steve Tung * Winter Ride
Riders in the Sky * Silver Bells
Christmas Timeline 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 333: The Large Population of Christmas

December 5, 2011

This week Alison lectures some more on the origins of Santa. Who knew Santa was a Yeti? Looks like “Bob” really is Santa Claus’ son.


Christmas Characters 1
Alleee 1
Clebanoff and his Orchestra * Bobsled
Bobbi Boyle * Let Us be Gay
Christmas Characters 2
Denis Farnon and his Orchestra * Winter Wonderland
Singing Sammy Marshall * Jingle Mint Twist
Christmas Characters 3
George Garabedian * Christmas in Paris
Cyril Ritchard and Creatures of the Forest * We Wish the World a Happy Yule
Christmas Characters 4
George Melachrino and his Orchestra * Fairy on the Christmas Tree
Tolz Boys’ Choir * O du Fröhliche
Christmas Characters 5
Herman Apple * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
Voicedude * You’re a Loser, Newt Gingrich!
Christmas Characters 6
Marv Meredith and His Orchestra * Swingin’ Sleighbells
Frosty the Dobbshead
Chasse-Neige 1971
Christmas Characters 7
Metro Strings * Christmas
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society * I’m Dreaming of a Dead City
Christmas Characters 8
Orquesta Sanfer * Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
James White * Christmas with Satan
Christmas Characters 9
Vincent Lopez * Cantique de Noel
The Nightmare * Riverbottom Nightmare Band
Christmas Characters 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 332: A Reasonable Season

November 29, 2011

Thrill as Hellbound Alleee lectures on the secular and pagan origins of Christmas, because she’s going to keep doing it until everyone knows it and thinks they thought of it.


Christmas Traditions 1
Alleee1 Buddy and Bunny Burden * Frosty the Snowman
Father Malcolm Boyd and Charlie Byrd * It’s Christmas Again, Jesus
Christmas Traditions 2
Dick Leibert * Home for the Holidays
Ruby Wright With Cliff Lash And His Orchestra With The Dick Noel Singers * Have a Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
Christmas Traditions 3
Sadie Mae (Gavioli Military Band Organ) * Silver Bells
Line Material (1961) * The Day Santa was Sick
Christmas Traditions 4
The Living Guitars * Silver Bells, The Real Meaning of Christmas
The Henry Hadaway Orchestra and Chorus * Turned on Tinsel
Christmas Traditions 5
Thurston Lava Tube * Sleigh Ride
The Robinettes w. Orchestra Acc. * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
Christmas Traditions 6
The Roy-Cliffs, feat. the Baldwin Orga-sonic Spinet Organ and the Baldwin Piano * Silver Bells
The Andrews Sisters * I’d Like to Hitch a Ride with Santa Claus
Christmas Traditions 7
Debussy * The Snow is Dancing
Arcade Fire * The Christmas Song
Christmas Traditions 8
Eddy Arnold * I’m Your Private Santa Claus
Go Home Productions * Carpenters Christmas (Karen Meets Roots Radics Uptown)
Christmas Traditions 9
Peter Wood Singers * Silver Bells
Southwest High School Choir–O.B. Dahle, Director * God’s Christmas Tree (S. Lipton)
Christmas Traditions 10
The Psychoskeletons * O Come All Ye Nutjobs
Johnny “Bowtie” Barstow * Jingle Bells


Mondo Diablo Episode 331: Santa is a Wildman

November 26, 2011

Welcome to an all-new Secular Solstice Season 2011! This year has come to a great start, since I did not have to work on Black Friday! How much better could it be? The clips for this show come from an old article in LA weekly by Jeffrey Vallance. It’s lauded by cryptozoologists for some reason, but I think it’s a great article for fans of the pagan origins of Christmas. You can read the article here:


Santa is a Wildman 1
Alleee 1
Andre Kostelanetz * Silver Bells
Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell * Silver Bells (From The Lemon Drop Kid)
Santa is a Wildman 2
Bianco * Silver Bells
Grassy Noll * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 3
Big Tiny Little * Silver Bells
Alleee’s Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 4
Buddy and Bunny Burden * Silver Bells
Boxcar Willie * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 5
Caiola and Ortolani * Silver Bells
Kirsten and Heather Maine * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 6
Glen Miller Orchestra * Silver Bells
Li’l Wally * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 7
Korla Pandit * Silver Bells
Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 8
Raymond LeFevre * Silver Bells
Pete Fountain * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 9
Ruth Welcome * Silver Bells
Steve Martin and Paul Simon * Silver Bells
Santa is a Wildman 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 288: Which Old Nick?

December 18, 2010

I’d like to thank the Reverend Jehovah Jones for sending an email after I asked for one last time. Thanks, because it gives me content I don’t have to create. This week, I take a look at the film “Santa Claus,” a 1957 Mexican movie, and MST3K’s take on it. We also have Nick Danger’s Third Eye.


1-Satan Speaks
Krampus 1
The Günter Noris Trio * Winter-Allegro Non Molto: Colder Than?
The Rhodes Kids * Christmas All Year Through
2-The Devil Likes Rude Little Boys
The Günter Noris Trio * Fireside Fun
Augie Rios * Donde Esta Santa Claus
The Günter Noris Trio * Slippin’ In the Sun
The Glad Singers * Deck the Halls
Scrooge * Main Title
The Superions * Santa’s Disco
5-Launch 2
Woody Herman and his Orchestra * Santa Claus is Coming to Town
8 more shopping days
Cthulu Lives
6-Weird Theology
Frankie Yankovic * The Merry Christmas Polka
Harry and the Potters * Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
7-Firesign NBC 1
Jo Ann Castle * Skaters’ Boogie
Mae Questal * I Want You for Christmas
8-Firesign NBC 2
Crachit and Tiny Tim
Mel Blac * Ya Das ist Eine Christmas Tree
9-Firesign NBC 3
Scrooge * Toy Shop
Williams Brothers * The Holiday Season
10-Firesign NBC 4
Guy Lombardo * He’ll be Coming Down the Chimney
The Psycho Skeletons * Good King Bob
Krampus 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 286: This Christmas has Been Brought to You by Child Labor

December 9, 2010

This week, the Krampus and his workers, Knecht Ruprecht, Krampus, Hans Trapp, Zwarte Piet, Klaubauf, Muff, Butz, Pere Fouettard and Belsnickel, bring you the last in the series of Worst Jobs podcasts. This time it’s children making dolls for children, gos-herding and turkey dressing. As in, yanking the guts out of hundreds or maybe thousands of fresh turkeys, by hand, in time for Christmas.

But my own day of judgment is at hand (did you know that the Visit from Saint Nicholas could be considered a mini “day of judgment” for children? It’s true)! I will be presenting, tomorrow night, a small amount of information about Christmas political history, characters and pagan traditions that have come all the way to us. We will also have a nice atheist Christmas party. Now THAT’S how freethinkers have a Christmas party. With a lecture. Luckily, I have pictures.


Worst Jobs 1
Alleee 1
Ensemble for Early Music * Edi Beo Thu
Elizabeth and the Catapaults * Christmas wit the Jews
Worst Jobs 2
The Three Suns * Winter Wonderland
Fats Waller and his Rhythm * Swingin’ Them Jingle Bells
Worst Jobs 3
Ensemble for Early Music * Estampie
My First Earthquake * Fa-La-Freezing
Worst Jobs 4
Billie May * Brassman’s Holiday
The Superions * Fruitcake
Worst Jobs 5
Joe Renzetti & Tony Luisi * Christmas Tommy
Royksopp * Le Cantique de Noël
Worst Jobs 6
John Klein * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
A Christmas Story
Sammy Kaye * Hut Sut Song
We Three Bings
Worst Jobs 7
Johnny Random * Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Worst Jobs 8
Nashville Sax, Featuring Jerry Tuttle * Here Comes Santa Claus
Tino Rossi * Petit Papa Noel
Worst Jobs 9
Rankin Bass * Christmas Medley
Rankin Bass * Christmas Chimes are Calling Santa Santa
Worst Jobs 10
Alleee 2


Episode 175: Krampus Kristmas 2008

December 23, 2008

So, this is it for another Christmas season. I’m taking the next week off to celebrate. I hope you liked this year’s offerings, and I hope you stick around my blog to hear my regular collection of beauty and strangeness.

Joyeux Noël!


Santa Claus says Hello to You
Alleee 1
Unknown * Silver Bells
Ball Buster from MIGO
Ray Coniff and the Coniff SIngers * Let it Snow
The Swingle Singers * Walking in the Air
Patton Oswalt * Christmas Shoes
The J’s with Jamie * Cool Yule
The Swingle SIngers * Medley
Santa Claus Consumes too Much Caffeine
The Sportsmen * Jingle Bells
The Swingle Singers * Last Christmas
Santa Claus, Master Storyteller 1
Combustible Edison * Sleigh Ride
Dallas Cowboys * I Don’t Want to be Home Christmas
Pilkington Christmas
Esquivel * Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
Harry Simeon Chorale * Christmas IS
Ogden Nash * An Untold Adventure of Santa Claus
The Roy Meyer Swingers * It’s The Holiday Season
O Holy Disaster
Santa Claus, Master Storyteller 2
Peter Nero * Trepak
Rock n Rhodes * Santa Loves Rock n Roll Music
Santa Claus, MAster Storyteller 3
Roger Lavern * Reindeer Ride
Sufjan Stevens * Put the Light on the Tree
Miss Divine Stalls * Holiday Hell
The Cricketones * Ding-a-Ling Long, the Christmas Song
The Free Design * Close Your Mouth, it’s Christmas
Steve Martin * Christmas Wish
Unknown * The Frosty Snowmann
The Klezmonauts * Joy to the World
Patton Oswalt * My Christmas Memory
The Chipmunks-Slowed Down
The New Christy Minstrels * SIng Along with Santa
Chesterfields Christmas
The Mike Sammes Singers * Now Light 1000 Lights
Thermon McKinney * Santa CLaus and the Truck Driver
Beer Xmas
Border Brass * Tijuana Christmas
Veo Gray and the Jody Lyons SIngers * Deck the Hall
Walter Schuman * Holiday for Strings
The Williams Brothers * I’ll be Home for Christmas
Alleee 2


Episode 93: A Kiddie Kristmas

December 8, 2007

So innocent--or ARE they?

From a story about the Krampus

David Allen * Gingerbread 1
Alleee 1
Barry Gordon * Zoomah the Santa Claus from Mars
David Allen * Gingerbread 2
Walt Jacobs * A Ride with Santa
Santa’s Snowmen * Deck the Halls
David Allen * Gingerbread 3
The Caroleers * Icicles, Holly, Red Berries and Snow
Akim and the Teddy Vann Production Company * Santa Claus is a Black Man
David Allen * Gingerbread 4
Rankin-Bass * Christmas Chimes are Calling, Santa, Santa (from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas)
Gene London * Walking, Talking Christmas Tree
David Allen * Gingerbread 5
Kathy Garver (Sissy) * Lem, the Orphan Reindeer
Anne Lloyd and the Sandpipers * When Santa Claus gets your Letter
David Allen * Gingerbread 6
Paul Parnes (Dennis the Menace) * When Christmas Comes Around Each Year
The Smurfs * The Twelve Days of Christmas
David Allen * Gingerbread Man 7
Stick ‘em up, Santa!
The Caroleer Singers * Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts
David Allen * Gingerbread Man 8
Tommy Christy * All are Waiting for Christmas
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer * We are Santa’s Elves
David Allen * Gingerbread 9
Roy Drusky * Jolly old Saint Nicholas
Natalie Simard * Petit Papa Noel
David Allen * Gingerbread 10
Larry Cartell * Cowboy Santa
Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas * Trim up the Tree
David Allen * Gingerbread 11
Gayla Peevey * 77 Santas
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie * Kuklapolitan Carol Medley
Alleee 2

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