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Mondo Diablo Episode 368: Relaxation Tape With Matt Berry

March 27, 2013

I’m not going to tell you what to do with this podcast. I just don’t take responsibility. You listen; it’s all on you, man.


Matt Berry 1
Alleee 1
Kinsley and Hambro * Summertime
Bruce Haack * Haackula1
Matt Berry 2
Doris Hays * Scared Trip
Cliff Ferré * Joe’s Joint
Matt Berry 3
Joe Renzetti and Tony Luisi * Tune Up
Le Mur * One Minute Hate
Gérard Barboteu * One man chou
Matt Berry 4
Keith Droste * Aquarius
Hank Do Good * I Wish I Had a Body Like Robert Baker
Matt Berry 5
The Master Awakens
Jean Jacques Perrey * Little Ships
People Need Pizzas
Rodriguez * Sugar Man
Matt Berry 6
Gerhard Trede * Gefahrenzone
Hagee * Homosexual Marriage
La Voix Du Peuple * Fait’ Plus L’Autruche
Matt Berry 7
Joe Thomas * Checkmate
He-Man 1900
Paul Gallis * Hoot n Switch
Matt Berry 8
Robin Workman * Honey Honey
Robertson * Be Wary of Scamsters
Naja * Si Si Wah-Wah
Matt Berry 9
Sven Libaek * Quasars
PR Gnus 1018
The Teens * We’ll Have a Party Tonight-Nite
Matt Berry 10
Alleee 2



Mondo Diablo Episode 343: Once Upon a Time…L’Homme

March 29, 2012

Yeah, sorry about the wait. Again, my excuse is sickness. Anyway, you might like this. It’s from a French series from the seventies or eighties. I like it because it makes no excuses or tries to sooth Creationists’ feelings, and gets right to evolution. I also like the Commedia troupe qualities of the characters. Pierre et Pierrette. It’s nice to know they still use those types, even though we American slobs feel we are too cool and macho for that. And did I mention the music is Library chic?


And Earth Was Created 1
Alleee 1
Bruce Haack and Ed Harvey * Crazy Dream
Bitches in Bookshops
And Earth Was Created 2
Nino Nardini * Catch That Man
Chapi Chapo Theme
And Earth Was Created 3
Paul Guiot and Paul Piot * Amour, Vacances et Baroque
Zlad * Elektronik Supersonik
And Earth Was Created 4
Alex Xenophon * Comfortably Numb
Enjoy The Silence (designer drugs remix)
And Earth Was Created 5
Sven Libaek * Solar Flares
First Love * Game On, Song For Rick Santorum-Super Tuesday Surprise
And Earth Was Created 6
Anthony King * Forgotten World
Joe Bravo * Skid Row Joe
And Earth Was Created 7
Cinemoog * Come Saturday Morning
Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd * Dark Side of the Moonwalk
And Earth Was Created 8
Denny Morris * The Most Beautiful Girl
Porter Wagoner * The Carroll County Accident
And Earth Was Created 9
Remy et Josie * Les Splendid
Shelley Fabares * Johnny Get Angry
And Earth Was Created 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 268: Weaponizing Mozart

August 19, 2010

For your education and edification, to weed out the undesirables from our community; the teenagers and the Dicks, and to keep everything clean and unsullied by grotesque graffiti, spit and skateboarding, I offer you this purely Classic show full of Classical Music written by Classical Men of classical age. Well. Some of these pieces were written during the last century, so it’s still in keeping with the theme of the show. This, solemn, serious classical show. Enjoy, and keep your hands to yourselves.


Weaponizing Mozart 1
Alleee 1
Fresh Cream * Petit Musique de Nuit
Weaponizing Mozart 2
Leonard Bernstein Conducts Shostokovich 5th Symphony Movement 4: Allegro Non Troppo
Weaponizing Mozart 3
Mike Hankinson *Eine Kleine Nactmusik Andante
Weaponizing Mozart 4
Edvard Grieg * Peer Gynt Suite No. 2: Arabian Dance
Weaponizing Mozart 5
PDQ Bach Commercial Break
Hans Wurman * Eine Kleine Nachtmusik III: Menuetto Allegretto
Weaponizing Mozart 6
Isao Tomita * Debussy:Arabesque No. 1
Weaponizing Mozart 7
Fabien Meilin * Mozart Requiem: Lacrimosa
Weaponizing Mozart 8
L. Maazel Conducts Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5: Allegro Marcato
Weaponizing Mozart 9
Hans Wurman * Mozart: Turkish Marsch
Weaponizing Mozart 10
Isao Tomita * Stravinsky: Firebird: Round of the Princesses
Alleee 2