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Mondo Diablo Episode 340: Laveyan Satanism with Bob Larson

February 9, 2012

A two parter coming up; from back in 1989, this is an interview by Christian televangelist Bob Larson with Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck, on the moral values of the Satanism espoused by Zeena’s father, Anton LaVey.


Satan 1
Tran Hai Quang * A Bali On Entend Le Genggong Rab Ncas
Der Gerd-Michaelis-Chor * Es Bleibt Die Sonne
Satan 2
Andy Loore * Water Show
Fanfarlo * If it is Growing
Satan 3
Glenn Miller * Pagan Love Song
France Gall * Avant la Bagarre
Satan 4
Cracker G * On the Run
Plastic Flesh * I Know There’s an Answer
Satan 5
James Clarke * Country Folk
In the Ghetto
Satan 6
Bill LeSage & Tony Kensey * Douglas Dilemma
Rod Rogers and the Swinging Strings * Big Weekend
Satan 7
Neil Richardson * Pop Go the Children
Whispering Jack Smith * There Ain’t No Maybe in My Baby’s Eyes
Satan 8
Denny Morris * Popcorn
Boy Crisis * Fountain of Youth
Satan 9
Electric Coconut * Killing Me Softly With His Song
Lady Gagarin * Klezmer Gaga
Satan 10
G-String Twist
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 294: A Modern Day Slave Plantation

January 21, 2011

This week’s clips come from, in honor of Saint Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Modern Slave Plantation 1
Alleee 1
Fly the Friendly Skies
Armando Trovajoli * Let’s Find Out
Modern Slave Plantation 2
The American Group * Stay off the Grass
Norel Pref * 80’s Drunk Jam
Modern Slave Plantation 3
Avalon * Tip-toe Through the Tulips
Ace Ball * Country Boy at College
Modern Slave Plantation 4
Kentucky Fried Chicken
I’ll Get You!
Modern Slave Plantation 5
Yma Sumac * Gopher Mambo
Norel Pref * Action!
Modern Slave Plantation 6
Synergy * Legacy
Lotto Canada * Go for the BIG one! (fr)
Modern Slave Plantation 7
Baris Manço * Hal Hal
Norel Pref * Actually into Wicca
Modern Slave Plantation 8
Dave Vorhaus * Three D
Phenomenal Handclap Band * Baby
Modern Slave Plantation 9
Esquivel * Third Man Theme
The Onion News * Oprah’s Tomb
Modern Slave Plantation 10
Alleee 2


Hellbound Alleee Show 140: Jury Duty

September 2, 2010

Francois and I return after 13 months to relate a story about my almost serving on a Federal Immigration case, and Francois pontificates.