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Episode 188: Psi-Kick

March 7, 2009

This podcast includes clips from an album called “Psi-Kick” by Oscar-Miro Quesadilla. I mean, Quesada. I downloaded the album from the cool sharity blog, A Basement of Curiosities. On the entry, “Grey Calx” writes,

On side A, Oscar explains how you can enhance your ESP powers just by relaxing and meditating. Yes, just by relaxing and meditating. On side B, Oscar teaches you how to do Uri Geller moves by using your psychokinetic powers that you should have to bend forks. Curiously, there is no information on how to develop your ESP or psychokinetic powers on Oscar’s website.

I’d also like to say that, regardless of my rant or what the awesome Mr. Stang says, the Church of the Subgenius welcomes nonbelievers as individuals who are too different to be the same. Otherwise it would seem like I was some kind of idiot.


Psi-Kick 1
Alleee 1
Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Mr. Smooth Man
John Anderson * Cage of Freedom * from the Giorgio Moroder version of Metropolis 1927
Psi-Kick 2
Flintstone Classic Underscore
Ronnie Self * Bop-a-Lena
Psi-Kick 3
Devo * Beautiful World * E-Z Listening
Bruce Haack & Ed Harvey * Snow Job
Psi-Kick 4
Harry Breuer * Moog Foo Yong
Flintstones * Rockenspiel Jingle
Psi-Kick 5
Bernard Estardy * Vertigo Leitmotiv
Sippie Wallace * I’m a Mighty Tight Woman
Psi-Kick 6
Jean Jacques Perrey * Gossipo Perpetuo
Weird Child Abuse Ad
Psi-Kick 7
Wolfgang Kaltenbach * Party Shaker
Japanese Commercial 1964
Psi-Kick 8
The Jetsons Underscore
Doctor Destro * Oh How I Love Ted
Psi-Kick 9
Johnny Quest Underscore
Alleee and Normal Bob Smith’s “Fans” * Grinch on the Cross, Grinch in a Dress
Psi-Kick 10
Let’s All Head for the Refreshment Stand
Magilla Gorilla Underscore
Psi-Kick 11
Alleee 2


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