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Mondo Diablo Episode 372: Blown For Good

August 10, 2013

I’ve been knee-deep in the CONtrovery of Scientology lately, as it seems I’m mired in the False Slack of casual video games. You know, the stuff meant for middle-aged ladies like myself. I mostly like hidden-object mysteries, but I’m sort of in love with the casual mindlessness of Time-Management, Build-a-Village kind of games. Anyway, I listen to tons of videos and interviews about Scientology, and I feel like I’m almost an expert. For example, I know for a fact that I’m PTS and downstat. That means I’m sick, and someone in my life is responsible. To quote Lieutenant Harper in Plan 9 from Outer Space, “Somebody is responsible!”


Headley 1
The White Sisters * Trust God in the Dark
Mel Blanc * Daffy Duck
Marty Gold * Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Headley 2
The Peanuts * The Glass Castle
Alvino Rey * Idaho
Headley 3
Colette Magny * The House of the Rising Sun
Jeb Bush * Immigrants are More Fertile
Orchester Wodka a Go-Go * Wolgabootschlepper
Headley 4
Johnny “Gay Pimp” McGovern * Do Your Thing in Montreal
African Maid
Angelo Badalamenti * Falling (with vocals by Julee Cruise)
Headley 5
Fanfarlo * Myth of Myself (A Ruse to Exploit Our Weakness)
Say Hebbo to Tarvuism
Armondo Trovaioli * I Giovanni Benvenuti
Headley 6
He’ll Fuck You Up
The Golden Age of Knowledge
Some Insane Song
Headley 7
Joe Meek and the Blue Men * March of the Dribcots
Whatever Happened to Manhood?
James Last * U Humbah
Headley 8
Nervous Norvus * I Like Girls
Claire Headley * St Petersburg Times Report 2010
Isabelle Pierre * Les Temps est Bon
Headley 9
Pizzicato Five * Sukiyaki
Leah Remini Files Missing Persons Report
Piero Piccioni * North Pole Penguin
Headley 10
Alleee 2



Mondo Diablo Episode 353: Come Sail the Freewinds

August 5, 2012

Village Voice 1

Village Voice 2

This week we sail the Freewinds with Scientologists, and tackle a deep subject from an atheist: how do you deal with the fact that there is no afterlife, and that life is so damned short? It may not totally be an atheist answer.


Freewinds 1
Alleee 1
Doye O’Dell * Bathtub Blues
Zero Jones * Wrestling With Satan
Freewinds 2
Jimmy Dean * Big Bad John
James Bee * Clint EastwoodyAllenAlda
Freewinds 3
Talking Heads * Love is All Around
Brian Eno * The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Freewinds 4
Kant Tori Read (Tori Amos) * The Big Picture
Frank Sumatra and the Mob * Telstar
Freewinds 5
Peter Schickele * Listen Here, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Ask An Atheist * Awseome Voicemail
Freewinds 6
ABC Lateline * Scientology Imprisonment on the Freewinds
Freewinds 7
Enturbulator 009 * Commodore Rimjob
Armpit Fart Song
Freewinds 8
Bigoted Pastor Worley Can’t Seem to Pray the Gay Away
Borderline Racist 1960’s Jell-O Ad
Freewinds 9
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 237: I Want My Money Back

January 26, 2010

Article in The St Petersburg Times

Leaving Scientology is not very easy. It’s like leaving the CIA. Scientology apparently has secrets it doesn’t want anyone to know about. Suddenly, when Scientology is concerned about secrets (and refunds), it’s a business that sells products. The rest of the time, it’s a sacred holy Church. And you’d better not say it’s a business with product, because then they’ll sue–not like they won’t sue for thinking about Scientology in the presence of others. Oh, and your old friends and family in the church will shun you–of “their own free will” of course.

Listen to the even, calm and collected Scientologists, and the hysterical non-scientologist. until someone mentions the Fucking Insane, Bipolar, Needs-anti-psychotic-drugs-badly COB, the Chokes-His-“Fellow-Parishoners”-More-than-Homer-Chokes-Bart himself, David Miscavige. Calm down. Larry! (Don’t you love it when someone tells you to “calm down,” when you yourself feel pretty calm? A sure way to light a fire, and most likely in a Tech somewhere.)

Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 1
Alleee 1
Funky Belek * Du Rhum, Des Gangsters
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 2
Enturbulator 009 * noots
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 3
Chalk Hills Camp * Witchcraft
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 4
DZK * Hello Humans, This is Xenu
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 5
Harry Partch * Barstow (excerpt)
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 6
L Ron Hubbard Sings Thank You for Listening
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 7
Pearl Bailey * Haiti
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 8
Scientology Song
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 9
Norel Pref * Slack Your Way to the Top
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 10


Episode 105: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard, Part 5

January 24, 2008

Scientology is a Dangerous Cult.


The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 5

Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 45
Alleee 1
Operation Clambake
Enturbulator 009 * Xenu’s Car Wash
L Ron 46
Enoch Light * Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White * A Musical Coloring Book
Anne-Margret * My Last Date with You
L Ron 47
Oswald D’Andrea * Heure 1
The Dave Pell Singers * Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town * Mah-Na-Mah-Nah
L Ron 48
Ray Anthony * Wonderland By Night * Dream Dancing
Kyle Jarrow * Finale * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 49
Warren Kime * Everybody Loves My Baby * Explosive Brass
The Specialists * Groovin’ * Tomorrow’s Standards
L Ron 50
Ray Clodoveo Accordeon Orchestra * Love is Blue
Karl Zero * Rico Vacilon
L Ron 51
Woody Martens * Green Onions * Woody’s Mood
Enturbulator 009 * If They Can’t Take a Joke
L Ron 52
Bert Kaempfert * Skokkian
Matt & Sylvia * Walk on By
L Ron 53
Dick Hyman * The Legend of Johnny Pot
J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet * Old Country Church Medley
L Ron 54
Lucien Lavoute * Grande Corniche
Paul Anka * Wonderwall
L Ron 55
Kyle Jarrow * Rain (2)
L Ron 56
Alleee 2

Suppressive Person Declare!

Episode 104: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard, Part 4

January 23, 2008

Scientology: A Dangerous Cult.

Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 34
Alleee 1 * The Road to Xenu, by Margery Wakefield
Enturbulator 009 * 8 Million
L Ron 35
A Kazdin & T.Z. Shepard * Carmen (Introduction of the Toreador)
Rotem Or * One of Us Isn’t Wrong
L Ron 36
Les Baxter * Stone God
Kyle Jarrow * The Way That It Began
L Ron 37
Claude Denjean * Everybody’s Talkin’
The Lamplighters * Cottonfields
L Ron 38
Anthony Mawer * Undercover Girl
Enoch Light * Ode to Billy Joe
L Ron 39
Billy May * In the Mood Cha-Cha
Julie London * Mighty Quinn
L Ron 40
Enoch Light * Tales from the Vienna Woods
Milford Perkins * Jerry the Butcher Man
L Ron 41
Samba de Orfeu
Enturbulator 009 * Virus Hubbard
L Ron 42
Desi Arnaz * Tico Tico
Kyle Jarrow * Something Special
L Ron 43
Michel Legrand * Alcatraz
Christophe * Je ne T’aime Plus
L Ron 44
Alleee 2

Operating Thetan Level 4

Link Fixed! Episode 103: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 3

January 21, 2008

The Church of Scientology is a Dangerous Cult.


Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 23
Alleee 1
Enturbulator 009 One of Us
L Ron 24
Martin Denny * Fandango
Esquivel * Mini Skirt
L Ron 25
Nils Tibor * So What’s New?
Kyle Jarrow * Searching
L Ron 26
Soundsational * Sugar, Sugar
Bis * Fight the Power
L Ron 27
Sandy Courage * Hot Rod Rumble
Teen Queens * You Good Boy; You Get Cookie
L Ron 28
Count Basie and his Orchestra * Go Away, Little Girl
Enturbulator 009 * L Ron Hubbard was a Con Man
L Ron 29
Esquivel * Johnson Rag
Lady in Cement
L Ron 30
Hervè Roy * French Pop
Gene Pitney * Town Without Pity
L Ron 31
John Barry * Beat Girl
Devo * Go, Monkey, Go!
L Ron 32
Al Caiola * Big Noise from Winetka
Kyle Jarrow * Rain
L Ron 33
Alleee 2

Operating Thetan Level 3

Episode 102: The Secret Life of L. Ron Hubbard Part 2

January 20, 2008

Looking for a Dangerous Cult? Try Scientology!

The Scandal of Scientology

Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 12
Alleee 1
Kyle Jarrow * Science of the Mind
L Ron 13
Al Caiola * Experiment in Terror
Enturbulator 009 * Ron Got Penetrated
L Ron 14
Dave Pell * This Could be the Start of Something Big
New Classic Singers * Call Me
L Ron 15
Nelson Riddle * The Theme from Route 66
Sonic Youth * Sunday
L Ron 16
Dick Schory and the Percussive Art Ensemble * Crocodile Crawl
Wax Audio * Stayin’ Alive in the Wall
L Ron 17
Moog Cookbook * Black Hole Sun
Kyle Jarrow * Mister Auditor
L Ron 18
Line Renaud * Sexe
Enturbulator 009 * Make Money Make More Money
L Ron 19
Milt Buckner * The Beast
Andy Williams * Imagine
L Ron 20
The Jamming Scouts and the Pretty Trumpets * Please be Kind
Bobby Wayne * Oh! That’ll be Joyful
L Ron 21
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson * Indian Pop Bass
The Impossibles from Thailand
L Ron 22
Martin Denny * Cool
Alleee 2

Operating Thetan Level 1

Episode 101: The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 1

January 20, 2008

What is a Dangerous Cult?

Modemac wiki: What is Scientology?


Mondo Diablo Episode 101

The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard Part 1


Kyle Jarrow * Disclaimer * A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant
L Ron 1
Alleee 1
Enturbulator 009 * Scientology Sucks
L Ron 2
Roger Webb Sound * Sunshine * Moonshade
Unknown Artist * Want More of a Tangy Yangy Yang
L Ron 3
The Jamming Scouts and the Pretty Trumpets * Mood in Slop
Kyle Jarrow * L Ron Hubbard
L Ron 4
Mort Garson * Aquarius
Better Beatles * Penny Lane
L Ron 5
Johnny Hawksworth* Bite Hard
Enturbulator 009 * Entheta
L Ron 6
The Keyboards * Alone Again, Naturally
Calogero * Pomme C
L Ron 7
Al Stephano and his Trio * Si
Japanese Kid
L Ron 8
Keith Papworth * Speed Trap * Hard Hitter
Kyle Jarrow * Hey! It’s a Happy Day
L Ron 9
Fearless Vampire Killers * Main Title
MC Slimey and the Teletubbies * The Salmon Dance
L Ron 10
Jerry Goldsmith * Opening Titles * Logan’s Run
Ralph Carter * A Song in my Heart * Young and in Love
L Ron 11
Alleee 2

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