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My Favorite Christmas Album of All Time: The Williams Brothers Christmas Album-NOW CLEANED UP!

November 20, 2007

Sorry for the CRAPPY picture. Weep.

Edit: I’d like to wish everyone who loved Andy, and all his family my best thoughts.

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My parents must have bought this gem sometime between 1968, when we moved to Wenatchee, and 1969, when we moved to our first real house. I imagine it may have been purchased from J. C. Penney, where we bought the Magnavox console, and most of our vinyl entertainment. Back then, hi-fis and stereos were still thought of as furniture, save for the eight-track thing that was happening.

This album always meant Christmas to me. It is ultimately singable. If one is so musically inclined, one can attempt the complex harmonies arranged by W.Earl Brown, as mentioned in the liner notes. I know ’em by heart. I can scarcely sing any of the traditional songs without thinking of these arrangements.

Two songs are closest to my heart. First, “To Santa Claus’ House We Go.” It’s fun, but not embarrassingly so (if you know what I mean). Then there’s “Sleep Well, Little Children.” It’s short, but to the point (and I’m typing this lyric by heart):

Sleep well, little children;
Pleasant dreams through the night.
Tomorrow is Christmas;
So Merry and Bright!
Soon, you’ll hear the bells ring,
Time for dreams to come true,
As the world waits to bring
Merry Christmas to you!

That little song captures everything I loved about Christmas, and still love. It both excited me and calmed me, if such a thing is possible. I hear the song and immediately smell that lovely artificial and extremely harsh smell of Christmas Pine Scent.

Finally, by the eighties, the song began my interest in making mixtapes–I had to have copies for my room once I managed to get a little tape recorder in there. Rewind, play, rewind, play, rewind…and sorta harsh out the record I share with you today. I’m so sorry about that. It’s very well loved. Perhaps you might want a copy from ebay, or Amazon, or some of the other record collecting sites out in interland.

Download The Williams Brothers Christmas Album Zip file