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Mondo Diablo Episode 283: Anti-Vacc is BULLSH*T!

November 21, 2010

You have to wonder, “What the hell are they thinking,” but you can’t put words in their mouths and mothers are sacred. Can you convince them that no one has died from prank tainted Halloween candy? Of course not. Because they are parents. And having children turns you into an insane person who is listened to by other insane people, the politicians, who govern our lives based on whatever batshit crazy thing parents are afraid of. Parental fear ruins everything. Stop having babies.


Anti-Vacc 1
Ad Music
PDQ Bach * Das Kleines Birdi
Anti-Vacc 2
Ennio Morricone * La Bambole
Frank Crummit * Three Little Words
Anti-Vacc 3
Alessandro Alessandroni * Alliante Giallo
Donice * Look to Jesus
Anti-Vacc 4
Roberto Pregadio e Romano Mussolini * Seq. 16
American Quartet * Floatin’ Down to Cotton Town
Anti-Vacc 5
Original Dixieland Jazz Band * Home Again Blues/Lindy
Are there Still Demons?
Anti-Vacc 6
Jacques LaFleche * Parle Parle Jase Jase
Dr. Love * Mister Snuggles
Anti-Vacc 7
T Elerth and the Hair Raisers * Chasin’ It
Madame Balduc * ?
Anti-Vacc 8
Hanry Mancini * Goofin’ at the Coffee House
Michelle LaMay * Manic Monday
Anti-Vacc 9
Happy Accordion * I Write the Songs
McBob’s 1979
Anti-Vacc 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 275 The Edge of Ol’ Man Mose

October 1, 2010

Happy Mocktober, Everyone. This week, I have the episode “The Edge of Evil,” from “Macabre,” and a lovely array of recordings of one of my favorite spooky songs, “Ol’ Man Mose is Dead.” Interpretation of the words in that song is up to The Ear that hears it.


Edge of Evil 1
Alleee 1
Betty Hutton * Ol’ Man Mose
Lew Dite * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 2
Bob Crosby and his Orchestra * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 3
Cass Daley * Ol’ Man Mose
Connie Francis at the Copa * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 4
Georgia Gibbs * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 5
Les Humphries Singers * Ol’ Man Mose
Louis Armstrong * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 6
The Swinging Blue Jeans * Ol’ Man Mose
Peggy Lee * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 7
Eddie Duchin * Ol’ Man Mose
Rod Willis * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 8
Teresa Brewer * Ol’ Man Mose
The Black Bumbles * Ol’ Man Mose
Edge of Evil 9
Betty Hutton * Ol’ Man Mose Ain’t Dead
Nat King Cole * Ol’ Man Mose Ain’t Dead
Edge of Evil 10
Pluckin’ on a Golden Harp
Radio All-Star Novelty Orchestra * Mysterious Mose
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 273: The Earth; She is Unmoved

September 21, 2010

I don’t fully know what Fixed Earth Dot Com is, and I’m not sure I want to spend all of my time figuring it out. In a nutshell, physics is wrong, Copernicus was wrong, Einstein was wrong, they were all Jews and Kaballists, and the Earth is the center of the universe.

And the guy recording these podcasts has a little imaginary friend or puppet helping him do it.

Your guess is as good as mine.


The Earth is Unmoved 1
Les Menestries * Saltarelle
Esquivel * Mucha Muchacha
Earth is Unmoved 2
Michel Legrande et son Orchestre * Di Gue
Mr. F. Le Mur * PR Gnus 1
Mariscal Romero * Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Earth is Unmoved 3
The Young Lovers * Love Drags me Down
Betty Logan * I Got my Hot Pants On
Earth is Unmoved 4
Yan Tregger * Girls Will be Girls
The Kingdom invokes Bob in a Sceance
Doris Day * Booglie Wooglie Piggy
Earth is Unmoved 5
Ben and the Platano Group * Black Waders
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls * Oregano High
Metalachi * Breakin’ The Law
Earth is Unmoved 6
Alessandro Alessandroni * Preludietto
Mr. F Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me
Nirvana vs Rick Astley * Never Gonna Smell Like Teen Spirit
Earth is Unmoved 7
George Shearing * Jackie’s Mambo
Strange Gods
Pete Seeger * Little Boxes
Earth is Unmoved 8
Tortue Super Sonic * Scrab T. Michel
Mr F. Le Mur * PR Gnus 2
The Ballad of Steven Slater
Earth is Unmoved 9
Knuckles O’Toole * Wild Irish Eyes are Smiling
Psycho Custy
Les Breastfeeders * Ça Ira
Earth is Unmoved 10
Alleee 2


Episode 194: Carl Sagan on the DIstinction Between True and False Visions

April 15, 2009

Carl Sagan’s book, “The Demon Haunted World,” is as close to an “atheist bible” as you can get. Well, it is to me, anyway. Here I include the chapter called “On the Distinction Between True and False Visions,” which deals with Marian apparitions.


Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 1
Alleee 1
Enoch Light * Don’t Sleep in the Subway
Inger Nilsson * Keep On Dancing
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 2
Living Jazz * Sweet Buttercup
Amonds * Sukiyaki
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 3
Dick Hyman * Alfred, the King of Disco
Webley Edwards * Beauty Hula
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 4
Vinnie Bell * Dawn
Madeleine Chartrand * Ani Kuni
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 5
Electronic Concept Orchestra * The Look of Love
Da Lata * Cores
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 6
Musical Crystals * Beyond the Sunset
The G * Lady Madonna
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 7
Ananda Shankar * Streets of Calcutta
Alison, CUT, Auctioneer, Irish, Tibetan and Inuit Throat Singing * Mouth Music
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 8
Eddie Warner en Zang van The Nelson Boys * Telstar
Phil Cela * The Atom Dynomic Dance
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 9
Rudy Rosa * Time in a Bottle
Pizzicato Five * Sukiyaki
Carl Sagan * True and False Visions 10
Alleee 2

Download Here

Episode 188: Psi-Kick

March 7, 2009

This podcast includes clips from an album called “Psi-Kick” by Oscar-Miro Quesadilla. I mean, Quesada. I downloaded the album from the cool sharity blog, A Basement of Curiosities. On the entry, “Grey Calx” writes,

On side A, Oscar explains how you can enhance your ESP powers just by relaxing and meditating. Yes, just by relaxing and meditating. On side B, Oscar teaches you how to do Uri Geller moves by using your psychokinetic powers that you should have to bend forks. Curiously, there is no information on how to develop your ESP or psychokinetic powers on Oscar’s website.

I’d also like to say that, regardless of my rant or what the awesome Mr. Stang says, the Church of the Subgenius welcomes nonbelievers as individuals who are too different to be the same. Otherwise it would seem like I was some kind of idiot.


Psi-Kick 1
Alleee 1
Alan Parker & Mike Moran * Mr. Smooth Man
John Anderson * Cage of Freedom * from the Giorgio Moroder version of Metropolis 1927
Psi-Kick 2
Flintstone Classic Underscore
Ronnie Self * Bop-a-Lena
Psi-Kick 3
Devo * Beautiful World * E-Z Listening
Bruce Haack & Ed Harvey * Snow Job
Psi-Kick 4
Harry Breuer * Moog Foo Yong
Flintstones * Rockenspiel Jingle
Psi-Kick 5
Bernard Estardy * Vertigo Leitmotiv
Sippie Wallace * I’m a Mighty Tight Woman
Psi-Kick 6
Jean Jacques Perrey * Gossipo Perpetuo
Weird Child Abuse Ad
Psi-Kick 7
Wolfgang Kaltenbach * Party Shaker
Japanese Commercial 1964
Psi-Kick 8
The Jetsons Underscore
Doctor Destro * Oh How I Love Ted
Psi-Kick 9
Johnny Quest Underscore
Alleee and Normal Bob Smith’s “Fans” * Grinch on the Cross, Grinch in a Dress
Psi-Kick 10
Let’s All Head for the Refreshment Stand
Magilla Gorilla Underscore
Psi-Kick 11
Alleee 2


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Episode 120: Skeptoid Presents Fast-Food Phobia

March 27, 2008

With a big thanks and a plug to the Skeptoid Podcast


Supersize 1
Alleee 1
Loituma * Levan Polka
Supersize 2
The Nordic Rhythm Boys * Johan Pa Snippen
Smokey Harless * A Place for them called Hell
Supersize 3
Young Holt Unlimited * Soulful Strut
Hank Snow * I’ve Got a Troubled Mind
Supersize 4
Mort Garson * Rhapsody in Green
Something Weird Video * The Other Side of Bonnie and Clyde
Supersize 5
Enoch Light * Lovers’ Concerto
The Liverpools * Hey, Quiet Down There
Supersize 6
Midas Touch * Making Free
The Tempos * Monkey Doo
Supersize 7
T Elerth * Keepin’ It
Vegetable Soup Theme
Supersize 8
Roger Bourdin * Seduction
Willie Nelson * Time After Time
Supersize 9
Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett * Home Run
RIAA * Down at Mississippi
Excuse Me, Ricky
Johnny Hawksworth * Cuddley Bear
Be Your Own Pet * Becky
Supersize 10
Brigitte Bardot * Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas
Timer * Eat Breakfast, Damnit!
Mala Fe * Beat It
Alleee 2

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