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Mondo Diablo Episode 298: What is Your Spiritual Gift?

February 18, 2011

This clip comes to us from Dave Grubin, who is in fact not an 80’s tv action/adventure beefcake personality. He is a Vinyl Preacher, for all intents and purposes. He makes Christianity all mystical and New-Agey, while retaining that Ol’ Time Religion. Who else can do that?


Another way to listen to Mondo Diablo is to go to and look for the schedule. Lucky people on other continents, they usually play me late at night, so it might be during work for some of you. Hopefully.


Your Spiritual Gift 1
Alleee 1
Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops * Jesus Christ Superstar
Jan Turkenburgh * OMG II
Your Spiritual Gift 2
The Rex Brown Company & The Wersi Electric String Orchestra * Round-up
Misiaczek * Champagne Ardennes
Your Spiritual Gift 3
Klaus Wunderlicht * You Say This Guy’s in Love with You
New Waver * My Memory Stick Weighs a Ton
Your Spiritual Gift 4
James Last * America-If I Had a Hammer-Lucky Lips
Sarah Palin Battle Hymn
Your Spiritual Gift 5
Andy Loore * Fish Story
The Bran Flakes * Fifty-Four Fifty
Your Spiritual Gift 6
Gil Trythall * Martha White Theme
The Louvin Brothers * I Don’t Believe You’ve Met my Baby
Your Spiritual Gift 7
Kanui & Lula * Pua Carnation
Yolanda Lisi * Je Veux Dormir
Your Spiritual Gift 8
Gilbert and Friedland * Singapore
Let Our Father Plan Your Family
Your Spiritual Gift 9
Orquesta Internacional * Las Camareras
An Open Letter to Stephen Fry
Your Spiritual Gift 10