Episode 26: A Christmas Humdinger!

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All tunes this week were recorded before the year 1930.

Jeremiah 10
Charles D’Almaine with Orchestra—Medley of Old-Time Reels (1905)
Steve Porter with Columbia Quartet—Christmas Morning at Flannigans (1906)
Prince’s Orchestra—On a Christmas Morning (1911)
Elsie Baker—Around the Christmas Tree (1914)
Gilbert Girard—Santa Claus Talks About his Toy Shop (1918)
Olive Kline
—Merry Christmas/Sleighing Song
Prince’s Orchestra—Children’s Toy March
Gilbert Girard—Santa Claus Gives Away his Toys
Cal Stewart with Ada Jones and the Peerless Quartet—Christmas Time at Pumpkin Center
Christmas Bells, from 1919
Brunswick Concert Band—Kiddies’ Dance—1920
Harry E Humphrey—Santa Claus Hides in Your Phonograph—1922
Shannon Quartet—Jingle Bells—1925
Gloria Geer and Company—Santa Claus at the Christmas Party
Haley Fisk—Christmas Message from Haley Fisk (1923)
Brunswick Concert Band—Kiddie Patrol (1920)
Clarence Williams Blues Five with Louis Armstrong—The Santa Claus Blues (1925)
Gloria Geer—The Spirit of Christmas
Shannon Quartet—Will You Love me in December
Victoria Spivey—Christmas Morning Blues
Ozle Ware with Duke Ellington’s Hot Five—Santa Claus Bring My Man Back to Me

Downeloade Now, If You Please

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