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Episode 90: A Merry Mithras

November 28, 2007


From a YouTube video by chadagg here


Chadagg * I Love Christmas 1
Alleee 1
The Jokers * Gloria Medley

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 2
Les Baxter * Hang Your Wishes on the Tree
Jimmie Martin * An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 3
Rene Simard * Le Bonhomme Hiver

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 4
B Bumble and the Stingers * Nut-Rocker
The Association * Sleigh Ride

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 5
Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra * A Children’s Christmas Dream
Bob Gibson * Skol to the Skier

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 6
Brandenburg Big Band * Hallelujah
Debbie Friedman * The Latke Song

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 7
Andre Kostelanetz * Christmas Chopsticks
Ed “Kookie” Burns * Yulesville

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 8
David Rose * Waltz of the Bubbles
The Williams Brothers * The Holiday Season

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 9
Ferrante & Teicher * Sleigh Ride * Christmas Party
Mel Blanc * The Hat I Got for Christmas Ees Too Beeg
Chadagg * I Love Christmas 10
Alex Templeton Collection * Music Box
Mindy Cohn and Nancy McKeon * We Need a Little Christmas

Chadagg * I Love Christmas 11
Raymond Scott * Siberian Sleighride
Ring Those Mithras Bells!

Episode 89: Bear but a Touch of Mondo Diablo

November 22, 2007

You miserable little turd.


Scrooge at home-Bells
Alleee 1
Albert Finney * I Hate People
Scrooge Meets Marley
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 1
The Alcoa Singers * Humbug
Nephew’s Speech
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 2
Scrooge Soundtrack * December the 25th
At the Party
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 3
The Alcoa Singers * Holly Ho
The Minister’s Cat
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 4
Scrooge Soundtrack * I Like Life
My Time is Short
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 5
Alcoa Singers * The Stingiest Man in Town
Scrooge Gets His
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 6
Tiny Time * Beautiful Day
Scrooge Dead as a Coffin-Nail
Richard Addinsell * A Christmas Carol (Suite) Part 7
Alcoa Singers * Holly Ho (Reprise)
Lucifer’s Clark
Billy Vaughan * God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen
Scrooge * Thank You Very Much
The Chains
Leroy Homes and his Orchestra * Snowfall
Alcoa Singers * Here We Come a-Wassailing
Begin Again
Ann Leaf * Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians * Kentucky Wassail
Alleee 2

Download Ye Sinners and Rejoice!

CBH Ministries Presents A Christmas Carousel

November 20, 2007

I can't take photos

From the liner notes:

Every Year we are asked if we have a Christmas record. Now we do…and here it is…a delightful combination of music AND story! This is a FAMILY album…not just for boys and girls!

The CHILDREN’S BIBLE HOUR is heard on nearly 600 radio stations worldwide. For a list of our radio outlets, blah blah blah, etc…”

Signed, Uncle Charlie


Have you ever felt like you’re just not worth much? That’s the way little Johnny felt, until Gramps showed him that in God’s sight we are ALL worth loving and caring about! In this delightful story, the “lead part” is played by the fantasy character of “Johnny’s Stocking.” It’s an imaginative, interesting story with an important lesson.

Alleee adds: if only that lesson were to not let your kids go visit weird old guys called “Gramps.” Shudder.


What kind of birthday is it when the person whose birthday it is doesn’t get any presents? That’s what often happens at Christmas time, when the Lord Jesus is often left out of our plans. This story emphasizes to young and old alike the importance of “keeping Christ in Christmas.”

Alleee says: apparently it’s the birthday of a deity with the maturity of a nine-year-old! It struck me–and I can’t keep my mouth shut–how odd it is to celebrate Christmas for a deity because he was sacrificed by his father. Who does this and isn’t some kind of psychopath? Nobody. God Yule. (That’s a deity to look up!)

Download A Christmas Carousel with Children’s Bible Hour

My Favorite Christmas Album of All Time: The Williams Brothers Christmas Album-NOW CLEANED UP!

November 20, 2007

Sorry for the CRAPPY picture. Weep.

Edit: I’d like to wish everyone who loved Andy, and all his family my best thoughts.

If you’re here for the Williams’ Brothers album, why not check out the rest of the blog, for hundreds of interesting and free podcasts? If you like the Williams Brothers album, you may like my Christmastime podcasts of interesting Christmas music you might not find anywhere else, plus some information you might not know, either!

My parents must have bought this gem sometime between 1968, when we moved to Wenatchee, and 1969, when we moved to our first real house. I imagine it may have been purchased from J. C. Penney, where we bought the Magnavox console, and most of our vinyl entertainment. Back then, hi-fis and stereos were still thought of as furniture, save for the eight-track thing that was happening.

This album always meant Christmas to me. It is ultimately singable. If one is so musically inclined, one can attempt the complex harmonies arranged by W.Earl Brown, as mentioned in the liner notes. I know ’em by heart. I can scarcely sing any of the traditional songs without thinking of these arrangements.

Two songs are closest to my heart. First, “To Santa Claus’ House We Go.” It’s fun, but not embarrassingly so (if you know what I mean). Then there’s “Sleep Well, Little Children.” It’s short, but to the point (and I’m typing this lyric by heart):

Sleep well, little children;
Pleasant dreams through the night.
Tomorrow is Christmas;
So Merry and Bright!
Soon, you’ll hear the bells ring,
Time for dreams to come true,
As the world waits to bring
Merry Christmas to you!

That little song captures everything I loved about Christmas, and still love. It both excited me and calmed me, if such a thing is possible. I hear the song and immediately smell that lovely artificial and extremely harsh smell of Christmas Pine Scent.

Finally, by the eighties, the song began my interest in making mixtapes–I had to have copies for my room once I managed to get a little tape recorder in there. Rewind, play, rewind, play, rewind…and sorta harsh out the record I share with you today. I’m so sorry about that. It’s very well loved. Perhaps you might want a copy from ebay, or Amazon, or some of the other record collecting sites out in interland.

Download The Williams Brothers Christmas Album Zip file

Episode 88: A Flesh-Pleasin’ Puritan Thanksgiving

November 15, 2007

Wipe that smile off your face.

This podcast dedicated to the memory of Richard Baxter, Puritan.

“More information is available at The Richard Baxter Society.

“So it is an evident truth, that most of the mischiefs that now infest or seize upon mankind throughout the earth, consists in, or are caused by the disorders and ill-governedness of families.”


Flesh 1
Alleee 1
The Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye * Over the River and Through the Woods
Flesh 2
The Chicken Dance
Jackson 5 * Candy Girl
Flesh 3
Johnny Halliday * C’est Le Mashed Potatoes

MC Pee Pants * I Want Candy
Flesh 4
Baltimore Club Music * Pork Chops and Onion Gravy
Jerry Clowers * The Last Piece of Chicken
Flesh 5
Emission Jeneusse * Au Pays de Candy
Frankie Avalon * Gingerbread
Flesh 6
Al Bowly and his Orchestra * Ev’ry Day’s a Holiday
Johnny Cash * Look at Them Beans
Flesh 7
Harry McClinntock * Big Rock Candy Mountain
DeeDee Sharp * Mashed Potato
Flesh 8
The Temptations * Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
Omnikrom  Feat. TTC * Danse La Poutine
Flesh 9
Chef * Love Gravy
The Junkyard Band * Sardines and Pork ‘n’ Beans
Flesh 10
Jerry Clowers * My Mama Made Biscuits
Barnes & Barnes * Fish Heads
Jim Gaffigan * Gravy and Cheese
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving * Theme Song
Rasputina * Gingerbread Coffin
Vincent Price * Roast Pork
Alleee 2

Downeloade, all ye sinners

Episode 87: Fundies in Funkytown

November 8, 2007

Thou Art Funky


1.Anonymous, Count Down USA
Alleee 1
Charlie the Hamster * It’s Fun to Live for Jesus
2. Watchwoman, BBC Religion
Wilton Place Street Band * The I Love Lucy Theme
The Cathedral Quartet* This Ole House
3. dawson-39, IMDB
Joe Tripoli Jr. * The Hustle
The Big M * Lust Control
4. Fritz Springmeier, The 13 Illuminati Satanic Bloodlines
Sesame Street Fever * Rubber Duckie
2 By 2
5. SpiritualAntiseptic,
Larry Nored * She Works Hard for the Money
The Chinese Fighters * Hong Kong Lizzy
6. MJM, book review
Hot Blood * Soul Dracula
Baby Lulu
7.  Unknown,
Steve Dahl * Do Y’a Think I’m Disco
Fisk University Jubilee Singers * Keep Inching Along
8.  H-dog, Lapsus Calami
Ramapo Valley Chorus * Disco Medley
The Creation * I Know a Place
9. Sara Reda Vinci,
 Alleee 2

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Episode 86: ‘Tis the Season…for DOOR-BUSTIN’ SAVINGS!

November 4, 2007


Alka-Seltzer * Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz
Six Flags Over Texas * The Sound of Fun Surrounds You Part 1
1966 Plymouth Barracuda
Admiral Radio Phonographs
Frito-Lay * The Frito Twist
Batman Merchandise
Anchor Hocking
American Standard * Look at this Tub
Arid Deoderant
Six Flags Over Texas * The Sound of Fun Surrounds You Part 2
WHAT Radio * Sex Machine Club Spot
Carters Little Liver Pills
Avon * Coffee with Pat and Sunny Part 1
BOLD Detergent * The Most Beautiful Wash in the World
Colgate Shaving Cream
American Standard * My Bathroom
Tom Jones * Coca-Cola
Coney Island Penney Machine
Avon * Coffee with Pat and Sunny Part 2
Roy Drusky * Dacthal
Cream of Wheat
GE * The Answer
The WHO * Coca-Cola
Arthur Godfrey * Creamo Cigars
Jefferson Starbucks (Starbucks Corporate) * We Built This Starbucks
The WHO * Great Shakes
Mary Kaye Cosmetics * The New Recruits Go Marching In
The Box Tops * Coca Cola
Ironized Yeast
7-11 * Dance the Slurpie
5th Dimension * Coca-Cola
Jell-O Chocolate Pudding
Coyote McCloud and Clara Peller * Where’s The Beef?
Alleee 2


My Halloween Pump-A-Kins

November 2, 2007

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Tor Johnson

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