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Mondo Diablo Episode 311: The Thinking Atheist

May 29, 2011

The Thinking Atheist is a You Tube channel, personality and podcast offering the best in deconstruction of religion. You should go.


Thinking Atheist 1
Alleee 1
Fanfarlo * Harold T Wilkins, Or How to Wait a Very Long Time
Eric Swan * Lightly Amusing
Thinking Atheist 2
Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra * I Can’t Go for That
Bromo Quinine
Mort Garson and the Blobs * Son of Blob
Thinking Atheist 3
Solar Wimp * Hardback God
Captain Midnight for Ovaltine
Roger Roger & Nino Nardini * L’Alligator
Thinking Atheist 4
Lee Dorsey * Gotta Find a Job
Carter’s Little Liver Pills
Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker * Orange Squash
Thinking Atheist 5
Recycled Crayon
Eric Peters * Keystone Capers
Thinking Atheist 6
Les Parisiennes * Borsalino
Colgate Tooth Powder
Keith Mansfield * First Child
Thinking Atheist 7
Mittleschmirtz * Turn for Relief
Bucky Beaver for Ipana
Piero Umiliani * Mah Na Mah Na
Thinking Atheist 8
Clifton Chenier and his Band * Ay Tete Fee
Ironized Yeast
Sir Christopher Scott * (They Long to be) Close to You
Thinking Atheist 9
Dolly Connolly * My Hula Hula Love
Robin Workman * Rock Me Love
Thinking Atheist 10
Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 310: Doors are Our Friends

May 17, 2011

Marvel at this wonder of production finesse: the instructional film on how to use a door, “The Door to Heaven,” Found here:


Doors 1
Alleee 1
Is Star Trek Anti-Religion?
The Mutant Mountain Boys * Bob is Watching Us
Doors 2
Medical Missionaries of Mary Choral Group * Spring
The Shadows * Telstar
Doors 3
Paul Weston and his Orchestra * Bimbo
The Ventures * Apache
Doors 4
The Book of Mormon * Hasa Diga Eebowai
WOR Jean Shepherd Theme Song * Bahn Frei
Doors 5
The Peanuts * Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Jesus Died for your Doughnuts
George King * Nairobi
Doors 6
The Troubadors * Tsena, Tsena
Kamil Behonek * Choo-Choo
Doors 7
NBC * Loud as a Peacock
Guess Who!
Ted Mazio Percussion Group * I Didn’t Know what Time it Was
Doors 8
Daniel Ouimet * Valérie et L’Amour
John Muri * Chanson
Doors 9
Peanut Butter, the Atheist’s Nightmare
Zellers * The Point Sisters, 1987
North Korean Patriotic Song * Wish of Health
Doors 10 + Alleee 2
Slander Bob * Yes, His Name is “Bob.”


Mondo Diablo Episode 309: The Saga of the O’Hairs

May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Podcast everyone. Update: I no speak on radio, but show coming soon. I’ll try to record it and put up an mp3. Enjoy a depressing report on the O’Hair story.


O’Hair 1
Alleee 1
Memphis Jug Band * I Whipped my Woman
Ted Gossett’s String Band
O’Hair 2
Twelve Gates to the City * New Orleans Humming Four
Firesign * Art of the Insane 1
Harry Breuer * Space Express
O’Hair 3
Oscar Aleman * Jeepers Creepers
Joe Renzetti & Tony Luisi * Pinball Wizard
O’Hair 4
Ted Lewis * Egyptian Ella
Firesign * Art of the Insane 2
Pierre Arvay * All Day Long
O’Hair 5
Oscar Aleman * I Got Rhythm
Tim Maloney * Bryll Creme
O’Hair 6
Angela Bofil
Ralph Soilsport 1
Scilitian Adams * Brandenbourg
O’Hair 7
M Slick da Ninja * Sex Sells but Whose Buying?
Spaghetti Head * Funky Axe
O’Hair 8
Carl Sagan
Ralph Spoilsport 2
Billy Vaughan * Wheels
O’Hair 9
Echoes * A Chilcken Ain’t Nothin’ but a Bird
Ernie Kovacs * Oriental Blues
O’Hair 10
Alleee 2


I helped to put up an FFRF Billboard in my small town

May 5, 2011



So I’m already scheduled for two radio interviews. Sounds like it could lead to a Mondo Diablo. Either way, unless I sound like a total and complete idiot, I’ll post them here and on the other blogs.

Mondo Diablo Episode 308: The Reformation in 20 minutes

May 1, 2011

A wondrous May Day for all of you! As you MUST know, this is the start of Beltane to end on Halloween with Samhain (SAW-Win). Whatever that means. I have an inkling, but as they say, a little too much information is a dangerous thing. Secularly, it has to do with fertility/new spring planting and ends with the harvest. Ah, the harvest. So what better way to celebrate the beginning of planting season with a reading of John Haught’s Holy Horrors: The Reformation?

May Day Celebration


Reformation 1
Alleee 1
Micky Katz * Tico Tico
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett * Mile High Swinger Version B
Reformation 2
PDQ Bach * Long Live the King
Death’s Name is Bob
Micky Katz * Yiddish Jam Session
Reformation 3
Louis Prima * Mrs. Robinson
Junior Pisano & Jacques Chaumont * To Jean
Reformation 4
Heavenly Singers * New Dry Bones
Ennio Morricone * Sospiri Da Una Radio Lontana
Reformation 5
PDQ Bach * Summer is a Cumin Seed
A-1 Slacks ad
Gianfranco e Gian Pierro Reverberi * Maledettamenta Donna
Reformation 6
Ricky Nelson * Summertime
Esquivel * Question Mark
Reformation 7
New Orleans Chosen 5 * I’m Going to Let it Shine
Ralph Spoilsport 1
Electric Concept Orchestra * Both Sides Now
Reformation 8
A Subgenius calls into the Atheist Experience Easter Show
Fresh Cream * Mouvement Perpetuel
Reformation 9
Bobby Martin * Tootsie Roll
Ralph Spoilsport 2
Leonhardt Combo * Bossa-Fugue
Reformation 10
Alleee 2