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Episode 53: Storytime with Aunt B

April 30, 2007

Sting of Death 1
Alleee1–Jean-Jacques Perrey–The Savers
Ed Sanders–Maple Court Tragedy–Sanders’ Truckstop
Sting of Death 2
Bellport High School Jazz Rock Ensemble–Joy to the World with the Mello tones–Bellport HS Jazz-Rock Ensemble Vol 3
Jeri Kelly–Hide and Seek
Pastor Deacon Fred–Pets
Bobby Christian–South Seas Beach House
Troy Cory–Rinky Roo-Rah
Sting of Death 3
Vicki Belmonte–Heaven in a Pair of Wooden Shoes
Unknown Taiwanese Child Singing a Children’s Song
Sting of Death 4
Dondero High School Acapella Choir–Fox on the Run
Lucas–Buttons and Bows
Pastor Deacon Fred–Lucaswatch
Franz Mozart’s Toy Symphony–Taiwanese Children’s Cassette
Lucas–Fartin’ Partners
Sting of Death 5
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts–My Ding-a-Ling
Dondero High School Acapella Choir–Roundabout
Sting of Death 6
Brandenburg Big Band–Symphony in G Minor–Classics in Rhythm
Noel Anthony–Zombie Jamborie
Pastor Deacon Fred–Demons in Your Rectum
Sanjalice Marioneta–Lutca Na Koncu
DJ Shadow and Dan “The Automator” –Satchidananda–Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars
Sting of Death 7
Richard Chaimberlain–Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (Theme From “Doctor Kildaire”)

Ok, turn the record over! It’s time for more sing-time sing-a-long songs!

Episode 52: Pastor Deacon Fred

April 22, 2007

Mondo 52

Pastor Deacon Fred’s 60-Second Sermons

Pastor Deacon Fred–Sissy Christians
Chuck Aherns–Wallace Cannonball
Pastor Deacon Fred–Breastfeeding
The Moog Machine–You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Da Mokettes and the Incredible Q Band–Palolo Valley Girls
Pastor Deacon Fred–Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?
Floyd Cramer–Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne and Shirley Theme)
Six Flags Over Texas–Six Flags Song
Deacon Speaks in Tongues
Synthesizers Unlimited–Pip Pip–Electric Bazaar
Zeb Scott–You’ve Got the Style, Girl–Big Dipper
An Easter Message–Pastor Deacon Fred
Swing Family–Musical Stars
Flavia and the Motonets–Pecesito
Pastor Deacon Fred–Fearsong
Harold Smart–Wedding of the Painted Doll
Dondero High School–Livin’ Thing
Pastor Deacon Fred–Announcement for “Welcome to Jesusland”
Colgems–Solaris from “Murderer’s Row”
Preacher–Jesus is Knocking at Your Door
Pastor Deacon Fred–Languages

Download Here All You Sinners

Episode 51: Bad Bible 2

April 16, 2007

In which Alleee cracks open a bible, and Christians cover their eyes!

2 Kings 2:23 Elisha and the She-Bears
Alleee 1
Paul Mark–Mr. Golden Beetle–Kokeshi Shindig
2 Samuel 12:13 David confesses
My Cherie Amour
The Ukeleles of Halifax–Country Roads–Ukelele Yes!
Deuteronomy 13–Stone Unbelievers
Omar Khorshid–Ah Ya Zen–Rhythms from the Orient
Britt Ekland–Do it Once More (With Feeling)
Deuteronomy 13:12–Turn in Unbelievers and Kill Them
Winchester Cathedral
The Almonds–Sukyaki
Hosea 13:14–Rip open pregnant women
Everybody’s Talkin’
Webley Edwards–Beauty Hula–Fire Goddess
Numbers 15:32–Penalty for working on the Sabbath
Hare Krishna
Madeleine Chartrand–Ani Kuni–Total Freakout
Numbers 31:9–Poor Midianites!
Ananda Shankar–Streets of Calcutta
David Bowie–Lieb Mich bis Dienstag
Numbers 5:9–Forced abortion by the State
Asplar–Şans Çocuğu
Eva–De Polo A Polo
Psalms 137:7–Happy is He
Preacher on the Street
Chenard Walcker–Voudon
Song of Solomon 8:8–Cedar Bar Contraceptive
Ghana Post Office

Download or be Stoned! 

Episode 50! Mondo Ye-Ye

April 10, 2007


Mondo 50! Yes, 50!

Mondo Yé-yé
Pepe Le Pew 1
1. Alleee 1
2. Christine Pilzer–A Hem Ho Uh Er
3. Alicia Granados–El Juguette Extraordinario
4. Dani–Fille a la Moto
5. Reggy Van der Burgt–Eenzaam Op’t Leidseplein
Chevalier 1
6. Ariane–Tu Voudrais Que J’oublie
7. Gemelle Kessler–Su Su Giu Giu
8. Cleo–Les Fauves
9. Hedika–L’amour c’est tout ou rien
10. Aline–L’Education
Chevalier 2
11. Les Flechettes–Les Gens
12. Anna Karina–Roller Girl
13. Silvinha–Risque
14. Laura Ulmer–Amoreux d’une Affiche
15. Stone–Seul
Pepe Le Pew 2
16. Christine Laume–Rouge Rouge
17. France Gall–So Einen Jungen Mann
18. Charlotte Leslie–Les Filles c’est Fait
19. Beatlettes–C’est Grâve À Toi
20. OP4–Attention aux Garcons
21. Brigitte Bardot–Ne Me Laisse Pas Aimer
22. Marisa–Christine
23. Alice Dona–C’est Pas Prudent
24. Chantal Goya–Il Court Les Filles
25. Nicole Paquin–Mon Marie C’est Frankenstein
Alleee 2

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Episode 49: Fundies are Funny

April 4, 2007


Mondo 49: Fundies are Funny!

supersillystring_lol_123, – No One’s a Good Person
Roger Roger—Charlie 1925
Alleee 1
Goldwin Express—1-800-JESUS
Glorybound, CARM –Viper in the Lawn
Mike Melvoin—One—The Plastic Cow goes MOOOOG
Wally George—America, Why I Love Her
Brian Purkiss, Blog –Circular Reasoning, TM
Don Powell/Ennio Morricone—Cannibal I Cannibali
Marjoe Gortner Age 8—God’s Blockade
Corey M. Davis, The Thinker’s Podium – Stuck on Ape
Idalgo Ferri—Alla Turca
Peter Gault and Amy Rachelle—Cosmic Vagina
Patsy, MySpace –Orb of Filth
Little Markie—john 3;16
Solak—Einstein Darwin Memories of the Dark ages
Marksman, T4C –Children of Israel
DJ Clive$ter—Bouge De La Polka
Max and Ada Rogoff—Travelling Thru New jersey
Carl, Usenet : –Homosexual Activity
Thomas Stephen Smith—Fresh Start
Saul T Peter—She Sits Among the Cabbages and Peas
Don H, Yahoo Answers Religion & Spirituality –What Part Of
James Last—Popcorn
Malajube – Pâte Filo
Red Savior, Myspace—Face It
Mr. T—Be Somebody
RICH Bob Jackson—Small Assassin
tammy, Rapture Alert –Satan Shall Defeat
Gunshaver—Too Many Knives—Homestar Runner
Alleee 2

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