Episode 51: Bad Bible 2

In which Alleee cracks open a bible, and Christians cover their eyes!

2 Kings 2:23 Elisha and the She-Bears
Alleee 1
Paul Mark–Mr. Golden Beetle–Kokeshi Shindig
2 Samuel 12:13 David confesses
My Cherie Amour
The Ukeleles of Halifax–Country Roads–Ukelele Yes!
Deuteronomy 13–Stone Unbelievers
Omar Khorshid–Ah Ya Zen–Rhythms from the Orient
Britt Ekland–Do it Once More (With Feeling)
Deuteronomy 13:12–Turn in Unbelievers and Kill Them
Winchester Cathedral
The Almonds–Sukyaki
Hosea 13:14–Rip open pregnant women
Everybody’s Talkin’
Webley Edwards–Beauty Hula–Fire Goddess
Numbers 15:32–Penalty for working on the Sabbath
Hare Krishna
Madeleine Chartrand–Ani Kuni–Total Freakout
Numbers 31:9–Poor Midianites!
Ananda Shankar–Streets of Calcutta
David Bowie–Lieb Mich bis Dienstag
Numbers 5:9–Forced abortion by the State
Asplar–Şans Çocuğu
Eva–De Polo A Polo
Psalms 137:7–Happy is He
Preacher on the Street
Chenard Walcker–Voudon
Song of Solomon 8:8–Cedar Bar Contraceptive
Ghana Post Office

Download or be Stoned! 

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