Episode 138: Charles Bukowski’s Poems and Insults


Charles Bukowski * The Creation of the Morning Line
Alleee 1
Maya Angelou * Run Joe
Charles Bukowski * Death
Cesare Andrea Bixio * Sauna
The Swings * Crazy Rhythm
CB * The Sex Fiends
Pickin’ on Zeppelin * Stairway to Heaven
Ray Coniff * My Sweet Herb
CB * Love
Heinz Funk * Menuett
Patience and Prudence * All I Do is Dream of You
CB * Piss and Shit
Richard Groove Holmes * Do You Know the Way to San Jose
Dump * Raspberry Beret
CB * The Death of an Idiot
Dan Zeigler * Tijuana Taxicab
Granpa Jones and Minnie Pearl * Papa Loves Mambo
CB * Style
Ralph Carmichael * He’s There Waiting
Howard Vokes * The Death of Little Cathy Ficus
CB * Law
Bill Doggett * Harlem Nocturne
Le Professeur Choron * Caca Chocolat
CB * My Friend Andre
People Like Us and Ergo Phizmiz * Hot Suit in Hot Pursuit
Marianne Faithful * Rich Kid Blues
CB * The World’s Greatest Loser
My Heart Will Go On
Alleee 2

More Downloads, Please.


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