Episode 167: A Mondo “Magic” Christmas


A Dizneyland Christmas 1
Alleee 1 .
George Bowers * Christopher the Christmas Tree
A Dizneyland Christmas 2
The Three Suns * A Ding-Dong Dandy Christmas
Barefoot Man * Santa Got a Sunburn
A Dizneyland Christmas 3
The Three Suns * Russian Sleigh Ride
Pee Wee Children’s Chorus * Pee Wee, the Pink Pine Tree
A Dizneyland Christmas 4
Acid Rock Box * Good Kingsy
C3PO Christmas
A Dizneyland Christmas 5
Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass * Jingling Brass
Dingo * Santa’s Little Helper
A Dizneyland Christmas 6
The Hollyridge Strings * Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Dottie Evans with the Brigadiers Quartet * When Christmas Comes to Our House
A Dizneyland Christmas 7
Mervin Shiner * Snow White Snow and Jingle Bells
McMillan Sing and Learn Program * Santa’s Coming
A Dizneyland Christmas 8
Jingle Bones-A Witch’s Christmas
Michael Stewart with Enoch Light Orchestra * Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
A Dizneyland Christmas 9
Roger Nichols Trio * St. Bernie the Snow Dog
The Golden Orchestra * Little Stowaway on Santa’s Sleigh
A Dizneyland Christmas 10
The McGuire Sisters * Honorable Congratulations
The Peppermint Kandy Kids * Santa’s Magical Bag
A Dizneyland Christmas 11
Jungle Christmas
Line Material * Let’s Trim the Christmas Tree
A Dizneyland Christmas 12
Futuristic Christmas Tree
The Sandpipers * Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
A Dizneyland Christmas 13



  1. 1
    Adam Gott Says:

    Man, I can swear that my mom has pictures of myself and a couple of brothers that look EXACTLY like the one that you posted! Amazing!

    Nice podcast, I linked to your Halloween show on my blog and I will link to this one as well. I always enjoy it, especially when you intersperse freaky religious fanatics in with the music!


  2. 2
    alleee Says:

    Whoah–is that you? Do you mind that I used it? I didn’t want to post anything that I shouldn’t.

    I’ll linkie you.

  3. 3
    Travis Says:

    Hey Alleee! My fiancee and I love your show. I was sorting through my mp3s a few minutes ago and found a band called Negativland. They released an album of remixes of Pepsi-related soundbytes. I think I bought it from emusic. Anyway, you might want to check it out.

  4. 4
    alleee Says:

    Thanks, Travis! I am already a big fan of Negativland. I am a Subgenius Reverend, you know. 😉

  5. 5
    Adam Gott Says:

    No, it’s not me. I just thought it was you (or more precisely someone that you knew). I guess it could be me but I think my ‘suit’ was blue and my younger brothers (twins) were a year and a half younger, this one looks a bit younger than that.

    Although I do have to say the similarity is quite amazing and it would be pretty cool if this random linkup was genuine.

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