Episode 193: Ajay Will Not Be Swayed

Ajay Lowery’s album is some kind of anti-federalist, sovereign American thing. Which would not be too bad, were it not so pro-American. I know, right? Just in time for Easter, folks. An Easter record for you, all about how the IRS should be brought down. Which is also not so bad, either.

What? What do you think you pay for with your federal tax money? Dolls for orphans? Stem-cell research? Milk for students? Killing brown people?



Ajay Lowery * Dialogue 01
Alleee 1
Michel Legrand * Alcatraz
Eden Ahbez * Eden’s Island
Bill O’Reilly * Off With Those Pants
Norel Pref * Baby Trip
Ali Baba
The Del Rubio Triplets * Whip It
Ajay Lowery * Dialogue 2
Brass ‘n’ Ivory
Broadway Singers & Orchestra * A Wand’ring Minstrel
Bill O’Reilly * I Would Like
Norel Pref * Bad Thing Wrong Thing
Michel Legrand * Di-Gue-Ding Ding
Christophe * Je ne T’aime Plus (I don’t love you anymore)
Ajay Lowery * Dialogue 3
Musical Crystals * How Great Thou Art
Ajay Lowery * Just Nineteen
Bill O’Reilly * Say, Baby
Norel Pref * Can’t Prove God
Bill O’Reilly Can’t Pronounce Manipulative
In the Bad Old Days
Ginny Millay * Jukebox on the Moon
Ajay Lowery * Dialogue 4
Real Fish * White Gloves
Ajay Lowery * Money Game
Bill O’Reilly * Cunnilingus
Norel Pref * Evolution or Entropy
Send Her Away
Joe Dassin * Au Champs Elysee
Ajay Lowery * Dialogue 5
Thelonius Moog * Off Minor Clip
Hal Willa * Klondike Mike
Bill O’Reilly * Hootie and the Blowfish
Patton Oswalt * Christianity
Alleee 2

Download, Americans and OTHERS!


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