Mondo Diablo Episode 303: Secrets of the PSYCHICS part 1

This week, our clips are from a BBC series. I decided to go against my instincts and assume you all are not fully aware and therefore bored with the events in this show. Enjoy The Amazing Randi, Uri Geller, a young Richard Dawkins and an orgasmic medium.


Secrets of the Psychics 1
Alleee 1
Helen Humes * Be Baba Leba
Ed Cox * Tetris Theme
Secrets of the Psychics 2
Ruth Etting * It Happened in Monterey
Mike Hankinson * Mein Junges Leben Hat Ein End
Secrets of the Psychics 3
Wild Man Fischer * Larry and his Guitar
Hal Blaine * Hallucinations
Secrets of the Psychics 4
Tal Carter * Mama and Papa
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade * I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover
Secrets of the Psychics 5
Whispering Jack Smith * All By Yourself in the Moonlight
Enoch Light * Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Secrets of the Psychics 6
The Delcos * Arabia
Silvano Spadaccino * Amarsi Male
Secrets of the Psychics 7
Sonic Youth * Wish Fulfillment
Ennio Morricone * Amore Come Dolore
Secrets of the Psychics 8
The Smoke * Sugar Man
Ajda Pekkan * Iciyorum
Secrets of the Psychics 9
The Cans * Walkman
Knuckles O’Toole * Ciribiribin
Secrets of the Psychics 10
Alleee 2


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