Mondo Diablo Episode 304: Secrets of the PSYCHICS part 2

This week, I’m giving you more psychics, lots of old-timey bluegrass music, and some CONNIE! Enjoy.


Secrets of the Psychics 1
Reverend Jim Jones and People’s Temple Choir * Welcome
The Connies of this world
Trio Harmônico * Let’s Twist Again
Secrets of the Psychics 2
Jackson Gospel Singers * Heaven Bound Train
Werner Muller and his Orchestra * Dobbs Boogie
Secrets of the Psychics 3
Oscars Chicago Swingers * New Rubbin’ on that Darn Old Thing
Don’t You Threaten Me, Connie
James Last * Melancolie-La Mamma
Secrets of the Psychics 4
Dezurik Sisters * I Left Him Standing There
Klaus Winderlicht * Hello, Dolly!
Secrets of the Psychics 5
The Carter Family * My Clinch Mountain Home
A book about a nightmare
George Liberace * Goin’ to the River
Secrets of the Psychics 6
The Ink Spot * Mama Don’t Allow
Theopolis Stokes * Washboard Rhythm
Secrets of the Psychics 7
Nathan Abshire * A Musician’s Life
Connie Pays for what Connie gets
The Electronic Concept Orchestra * Windmills of Your Mind
Secrets of the Psychics 8
Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple * Mass Suicide
Dancers Go-Go * Greenstuff
Secrets of the Psychics 9
Texas Jim Robertson * The Last Page of Mein Kampf
Well, there’s more than one way to skin a mink.
Rita Ford’s Antique Music Boxes * Shall We Gather at the River?
Secrets of the Psychics 10
Alleee 2


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