Mondo Diablo Episode 253: Aw, Hell. Part 2

Second part of the Estus Pirkle 2-parter. And, Alleee goes on a RANT!


Hell 12
Negativland * Christianity is Stupid
Alleee 1
Christine Laume * Une Fille Libre
Hell 13
Everything is Terrible
Dr Strangelove
Michel Legrande and the London Symphony Orchestra * Theme and Variation for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Hell 14
Frances Baskerville the Singling Psychic * Angel Talk
The Onion News 1
RJD2 * De l’alouette
Hell 15
Jimmy Lloyd * Rocket in my Pocket
Billy May * Spanish Flea
Hell 16
Peter Bayreuther * Lasst Uns Zusammen Arbeiten
God Gun
Hal Blaine * Inner Space
Hell 18
Nouvelle Vague * Human Fly
Alvino Rey * Third Man Theme
Hell 19
Major Tom
Onion News 2
Stepchild * Obstinancy
Hell 20
Hello Bob
Semi-Not * Disco Communist
Dick Hyman * Stompin’ at the Savoy
Hell 21
Alleee 2


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